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The realization of a low carbon society!!

“Energy Revolution” is starting to increase since the beginning of the year 2010.
The “Industrial Revolution” and “IT Revolution”, as represented by automobiles, computers and the internet, has made use of technological innovation to pursue economic development and convenience of life for the past 100 years.
However, with today’s “Energy Revolution”, the prevention of global warming and the reduction of CO2 have been an important motive as well.

In order to reach the objective of CO2 reduction of the “Smart Grid Plan” on developing countries, almost all major industries led by power and energy divisions, IT/Telecom, housing, transportation and electrical innovation and reform.
Significant evolution has been made in the utilization inexhaustible renewable energy.
The renewable energy can supply electric power without emitting CO2.
This have already while accepting economical merits.
“Green Power” will be the core of energy for new life style from now on.

We will continue to utilize IT technology in making use of renewable energy and changing our life style for a better future.
This will also contribute in realizing the goal of having a low carbon society.